Parts List

Keep your washers washing and your dryers drying with quality name-brand parts, direct to you from Yankee. Whether you’re ordering individual parts or are looking for installation expertise and service along with your order, trust the experts at Yankee for a perfect result.
  • American Changer (Changemakers)
  • Arctic Chill (Cooling Towers)
  • Caco Mfg. (Finishing Equipment)
  • CHICAGO DRYER CO. (Laundry Finishing Equipment)
  • Clean Cycle Systems (Lint Collectors)
  • Colmac Industries (Finishing Equipment)
  • Columbia Boiler (Boilers & Water Heaters)
  • Curtis-Toledo (Compressors)
  • Dandux (Linen Handing Equipment)
  • Duncan Fabrication (Bulkhead Units)
  • Energenics (Lint Filters & Heat Reclaimers)
  • ESD (Coin Slides & Card Systems)
  • F.H. Bonn Co. (Press Pads & Covers)
  • Forenta (Pressing Equipment)
  • Fulton Boilers Works (Boilers)
  • Hamilton Engineering (Hot Water Heaters)
  • Hoffman (Finishing Equipment/Drycleaning Machines)
  • Lattner (High Pressure Steam Boilers)
  • Multimatic (Drycleaning Machines)
  • Newhouse (Drycleaning Specialty Items)
  • PELLERIN-MILNOR (Washer/Extractors)
  • Qualitex (Press Pads)
  • R&B Wire Products (Coin Store Carts)
  • Railex (Automatic Conveyors)
  • Rema Air Vaccum Systems (Vacuum & Return Systems)
  • Rowe (Changemakers)
  • S & S Products (Folding Accessories)
  • Standard Changemakers (Changemakers)
  • Steele Canvas Basket Corp. (Linen Handling Equipment)
  • Unipress (Finishing Equipment)
  • Vend-Rite (Coin Vending Equipment)
  • White Conveyors (Conveyors)

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