Industrial laundry machines are specially designed for high-powered and high-volume laundry purposes. With industrial power in mind, these machines are also made to save water and energy, reduce labor costs and lower your ownership costs. They deliver an exceptional clean for bulk loads and heavily soiled items.

Milnor Washers:

Milnor washers have been engineered with the customer in mind and feature a one pocket cylinder. Milnor’s industrial washer-extractors are created to reduce labor costs, save energy, save water and lower your total cost of ownership.

Milnor Dryers:

Every Milnor dryer that leaves the factory has been created to lower operating costs and save money. Milnor dryers feature automatic eco-options to ensure they are using the least amount of energy while still providing the best quality services.

Milnor Tunnel Systems:

Milnor tunnel systems have been engineered to provide the highest quality services and help businesses continue to save money after the initial investment. Choose from systems like PBW, PulseFlow and CBW. Each system has been carefully inspected by a Milnor employee before it leaves the factory.

Dexter Washers:

In a highly competitive field of industrial washers, Dexter washing systems have a way of edging out the competition. From ease of use to reliable constitution, Dexter washing machines are an American-made workhorse.

Chicago Dryers:

Chicago dryer systems are the best in the business. With more than 100 years of experience building the nation’s best industrial dryer systems, Chicago machines perform and last.