Huebsch Laundry Equipment

Maximize your Revenue Potential with Huebsch Vended Laundry Equipment

As a Laundromat or apartment owner you want reliable and long-lasting commercial-grade laundry equipment. That’s why you need Huebsch vended laundry equipment. Huebsch provides many options for your card or coin-operated laundry. Choose from a variety of water conserving large-load capacity washers and dryers. Receive valuable warranties and multiple control options to save you money and grow your revenue.

Benefit from the Revolutionary Technology of Huebsch Galaxy™ Controls:

  • Multi-Level Pricing and Cycle Modifiers will help you increase your revenue.
  • Time-of-Day Pricing enables price variations throughout the day, helping you manage peak laundromat customer usage and compete for new customers.
  • Reduce your water and sewer bill with Programmable Water Levels and Automatic Water Leak Detection.
  • Reduce your overall labor costs.

Learn how this technology can help you reduce costs and boost your Laundromat’s revenue.

Why Yankee?

When you partner with Yankee, you get more than state-of-the-art Huebsch coin-operated and vended laundry equipment. You get our commitment to help you manage a more profitable and environmentally friendly and efficient laundry facility.

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