Huebsch Introduces eBoost

By: JJones, 7/25/12

July saw Huebsch introduce their new line of Galaxy 400 & 600 Washer-Extractors with eBoost on both their Vended and OPL ‘HC’ machinery.

eBoost is Huebsch’s revolutionary extraction technology boasting high efficiency in the following ways:

  • 33% less electrical and 11& less water than two speed models – Made possible by an advance inverter drive technology and improve cylinder sump system design, which optimizes water use to maximize cleaning and reducing non-wash water below the cylinder.
  • Advance leak detection eliminates wasted water – Huebsch offers patented Water Guardian leak detection. Detecting leaks for both drain and fill valves, eliminating wasted water and resources.
  • High-Speed extraction reduces drying timeeBoost technology spins up to 200 G-Force, removing more water. This means shorter dry times and lower energy bills. Not to mention improved profitability.

To check out the new line and research more features you may download brochures at the links below.


Huebsch Galaxy 400 & 600 Vended ‘HC’ Washer-Extractors

Huebsch Galaxy 400 & 600 OPL ‘HC’ Washer-Extractors