Genuine Speedqueen Parts

By: TRistaino, 5/29/12

Yankee sells genuine Speedqueen parts for your washers and dryers. What does that mean and why does that matter? “Genuine Speedqueen parts”  means that the replacement parts you purchase are guaranteed to be the correct part for your machine. They are the parts designed and authorized to be used in your specific machine. They are tested by Speedqueen.They are warranteed by Speedqueen.  “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because reliability and dependability matter. “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because the success of your business matters and that success depends on your equipment running all the time. “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because your peace of mind matters. At Yankee being Real means being Genuine. More than anything else that is why we sell “Genuine Speedqueen parts.”