Coin Operated Laundry

Coin operated laundry machines allow your customers to insert change in advance to wash and dry their clothes. As soon as the time expires, the machines will stop automatically unless more change is inserted. This type of machine is beneficial for both you and your customers since the user pays with cash up front and their payment is self-service. This requires less managing staff for you and eliminates the need for a separate billing counter.


By choosing ESD, systems you are able to choose from some of the best coin payment systems in the industry. Including coin slides and money boxes. Each system is created with your business’ security in mind. ESD creates products to better resist vandalism, tampering and damage from everyday use.


Coin operated laundry systems have been used for over 65 years and Setomatic created coin drop systems to keep that tradition going. Setomatic makes paying with coins easy for the customer and feature a reliable vend meter to make coin collecting smoother and more efficient.