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Yankee Now Accepts Payments via PayPal

By: JJones, 8/20/12


In order to  give our customers easier options to make payments we are now accepting payments via PayPal directly from our Web Site. To visit our payment page simply follow this link:

You will notice an “Amount to Pay” form on the right of the page. You may enter the amount you wish to pay in the space provided and simply click the “Pay Now” button. This will bring you to the PayPal payment page where you  may log in to your account or simply pay via any major credit card by filling out the information and logging in as a Guest.

Once you have reached the Payment Screen you will notice under your address is a message to “Note the Invoice” you are paying. Simply click the “Add” link as noted by the red arrow and an empty box will appear for your to list the invoice you wish to pay.

When you are finished listing the invoices, click the “Save” button. At this point you can simply click the “Pay Now” button and your payment will be processed through PayPal and sent directly to us.

It’s a quick and simple way for you to make payments anytime, even after normal business hours.

If you have any further question about using this service you  may contact Joshua Jones at: 800-239-9265 or via email at:

Huebsch Introduces eBoost

By: JJones, 7/25/12

July saw Huebsch introduce their new line of Galaxy 400 & 600 Washer-Extractors with eBoost on both their Vended and OPL ‘HC’ machinery. eBoost is Huebsch’s revolutionary extraction technology boasting high efficiency in the following ways: 33% less electrical and 11& less water than two speed models – Made possible by an advance inverter drive …

Alliance Laundry Service Bulletin No. SE12-1R1

By: JJones, 7/19/12

On occasion Alliance Laundry Systems will send us useful Service Bulletins about machinery maintenance and procedures. In the effort to to provide this important information to our valued customers we will be posting these bulletins as we recieve them. The newest bulletin is #SE12-1R1 and covers the proper cleaning technique for Tumbler Baskets. Click on …

The Rebranding Of Yankee Equipment Systems, Inc.

By: JJones, 3/15/12

Providing A Better Customer Experience As Simply, Yankee Yankee Equipment Systems, Inc. spent 2011 working towards offering laundry professionals in New England and Up-State New York a more reliable, experienced business partner. Since its inception in 1988, Yankee has been a major equipment and service provider to the laundry industry in the northeast. Even with …