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5 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Equipment

By: JJones, 1/24/18

A laundromat, like any business, requires an investment of time and money. You need satisfied customers to build your business. The last thing you need is to have machines that break down, delaying the ability of your customers to have clean clothes to wear or sheets to sleep on. We understand that. That’s why we partner with some of the best brands in the business, such as Speed Queen and Huebsch, to provide reliable equipment, parts and service for your laundromat equipment. Here are 5 preventative maintenance tips from our partners that will help keep your equipment running at optimal capacity and looking great!

  1. Check the door lock for proper operation on a daily basis and leave the loading door open at the end of each day to allow moisture to evaporate.
  2. On washers, inspect the water inlet valve hose connections on the back of the machine for leaks on a daily basis, and check all hoses on a monthly basis for any visible signs of deterioration such as cracks, blisters or material wear. Immediately replace any hoses showing signs of deterioration and leaks.
  3. Thoroughly clean the tumbler every year. Have an authorized service representative perform this maintenance (be sure to give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment).
  4. Clean all lint from the lint compartment and lint screen daily to maintain proper airflow and avoid overheating. Inspect the exhaust duct for lint build-up after one year of service and clean if necessary. Inspect duct every one to two years as required thereafter.
  5. Clean the door glass and between the door glass and the door with a damp cloth.

Simple maintenance will prolong the life of your commercial laundry machines. And, please, don’t hesitate to call us if you need help maintaining your equipment. Our service reps have you covered, allowing your business to be fully operational as soon as possible and get you back to earning on your investment.

Yankee Equipment has been providing service to New England and upstate New York for more than 25 years. We have skilled service representatives conveniently located in your area.

Contact our service manager if you have any questions about your laundry equipment.

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