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What is that sound?

By: TRistaino, 7/01/15

Have you ever stood in your laundry and wondered what that mysterious sound was? You didn’t hear it yesterday when making your rounds but today you hear it. It may be a thumping sound. It may be a high pitched whistle or a low pitch hum. It may be a grinding or a screeching sound. It may be loud. What is it?
The short answer is ” I don’t know.” However, any strange sound emanating from your laundry equipment or dry cleaning equipment needs to be checked out. As an owner or manager you know how your equipment normally sounds. If you are mechanically inclined you can check out the sound yourself. If you are not so inclined call a service professional to solve the problem. However, DON’T WAIT. Your commercial washer may have bearing about to fail. Your dryer may have a bad trunion or support wheel. You may have lint build up on a dryer fan blade. A belt may be bad. Whatever the problem is it is not going away by ignoring it. In fact, a key piece of equipment may fail at the worst possible time because that unknown sound was ignored for a few weeks. Many times we hear a customer remark ” The washer has been making a thumping sound for a while but I didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about.”
Play it safe. If a machine is making a strange sound investigate it immediately. Time, productivity, income ( if you own a laundromat ), guest satisfaction ( if you run a hospitality laundry ), infection control ( if you run a healthcare laundry ) are all enhanced when all of you laundry equipment is functioning properly.

The Importance of Stocking Parts for your Laundry Equipment

By: JJones, 4/30/15

Machinery breaks down. It’s a truth of all industries that rely on equipment and the laundry industry is no different. So how do we keep your downtime on the equipment you depend on to a minimum? Preventative Maintenance programs and following proper maintenance schedules go a long way to keeping equipment of all ages in …

Annual Lint Cleaning

By: TRistaino, 10/09/13

As noted in previous articles the presence of lint in all laundries is a fact of life. We have written about what causes lint and how best to control it. Nonetheless, despite one’s best efforts lint will still be present in laundries. We have all heard of Spring and Fall cleaning as ritual around our …

CCI Card Concepts Laundry Card Reboot Procedure

By: JJones, 8/26/13

Card Concepts has posted a blog about the importance of and procedure involved with rebooting your LaundryCard X-Changer computer systems on a monthly basis. Below is a quick overview of the reasoning and a link to the posted procedure. It is recommended that you reboot your X-Changer computers on a monthly basis. Rebooting your LaundryCard …

Defining “Long Term Relationships”

By: JJones, 3/22/13

“We form long term relationships with customers to help them manage profitable and environmentally friendly laundries.” This is the mission of Yankee. This past weekend at Yankee’s 35th Annual Vended Laundry Trade Show this Mission was defined by the site of many familiar faces in attendance. None more so than John and Bonnie Demars of the Village Wash Tub in …

Stocking Parts

By: TRistaino, 1/18/13

Years ago it was common for all laundry and dry cleaning operators to stock a good amount of repair parts at their location. Laundromats, hotels, skilled nursing care centers, commercial laundries, all had parts on their shelves.  It was relatively cheap insurance. Since UPS took 2 to 4 days depending on the distance travelled and …

Giving Thanks

By: TRistaino, 11/21/12

In 2000 I began riding in the Pan Mass Challenge which is a 190 mile two day cycling event to raise money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Each rider solicits donations from family, friends, and colleagues. Our team captain at that time made it clear that a key element of fund raising was to thank …

Controlling Dryer Lint in Your Laundry Part 1

By: TRistaino, 10/23/12

If you manage any type of laundry lint is an everyday fact of life. Washers create lint. Dryers create lint. Most washer lint is discharged during the rinse cycles. If a lint interceptor has been installed in your laundry most lint washer lint will collect there. The lint interceptor will require periodic cleaning. Some washer …

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

By: TRistaino, 8/28/12

The title of this post is a well known admontion we have heard since we were kids. I daresay that those who are reading this now have taken it to heart and achieved a level of professional success by its constant application in many aspects of their business. We budget, strategize, analyze every month of …

Yankee Now Accepts Payments via PayPal

By: JJones, 8/20/12

  In order to  give our customers easier options to make payments we are now accepting payments via PayPal directly from our Web Site. To visit our payment page simply follow this link: You will notice an “Amount to Pay” form on the right of the page. You may enter the amount you wish …