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Defining “Long Term Relationships”

By: JJones, 3/22/13

“We form long term relationships with customers to help them manage profitable and environmentally friendly laundries.” This is the mission of Yankee. This past weekend at Yankee’s 35th Annual Vended Laundry Trade Show this Mission was defined by the site of many familiar faces in attendance.

Ted Ristaino, Yankee President pictured with 35 year customers Bonnie and John Demars.

None more so than John and Bonnie Demars of the Village Wash Tub in Danvers, Massachusetts. John and Bonnie have been in attending the yearly Trade Show since 1978. They have built two Laundromat with Yankee and are the definition of our mission. Honest, long term relationships are the foundation of great businesses.


Gerry Guertin Name #1 Salesperson by Set-O-Matic/Spyderwash

By: JJones, 3/22/13

Gerry Guertin, Yankee Sales Representative covering Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont has been actively promoting new technologies in the Vended Laundry Market. Gerry has taken part in converting 9 Coin Laundries this past year from accepting only coins to allowing for Credit/Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards, and Coin payment using the Spyderwash payment system. We congratulate …

Planned Maintenance on High Efficiency Water Heaters

By: TRistaino, 3/19/13

A high efficiency water heater does not have a lot of moving parts. Nonetheless, it does require periodic maintenance to operate properly and avoid a costly, catastrophic failure. Depending on the brand purchased different items may need to be checked. However, it is a safe bet that basic steps like inspecting intake and exhaust screens …