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Giving Thanks

By: TRistaino, 11/21/12

In 2000 I began riding in the Pan Mass Challenge which is a 190 mile two day cycling event to raise money for Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Each rider solicits donations from family, friends, and colleagues. Our team captain at that time made it clear that a key element of fund raising was to thank the donor. His message was along the lines of  ” If you have time to ask for a donation you time to write a thank you note.” How true.

The same concept applies to our professional and personal lives. We get so wrapped up in the every day details of running our respective businesses and daily routines that it is easy to forget to thank our customers, vendors, employees, spouses, kids,and friends for their contribution and help to our success. Calls, cards, emails, visits and many other activities can be undertaken to thank someone.

Since today is the day before the holiday created to give thanks let’s resolve to say “Thank you” more often in our professional and personal lives.

By the way THANK YOU for taking a couple of minutes to read this note!!

Controlling Lint in your Laundry Part II

By: TRistaino, 11/02/12

In part one we discussed the origin of lint, its impact on machine performance, and how to control it in your equipment. Now lets look at the lint that somehow escapes your lint screen and gets into your duct work, your laundry, and outside. We now know lint screens are not meant to capture 100% …