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“Contact me”

By: TRistaino, 7/25/12

Just about every day in our businesses we hear or see this phrase. Customers, colleagues, vendors, consultants all implore us to “contact me” about some important and not so important issue. Usually, this does not present a problem.  As the person requesting the contact will readily accept our call, answer an email or text. However, what do we do when our response is not acknowledged especially by a customer. What then? Here are a few suggestions.

First, lets make sure we respond to this request in the manner the sender desires. If  the “contact me” request was on Voice Mail then the reply should be made via phone unless other instructions were given. Received an email?  Then send an email. Second, if this method was unsuccessful then move on to others. Didn’t receive a return call to your 5 voice mails?  Email or better yet Text him/her. Text is hard to ignore. If  it is a local customer perhaps a personal visit does the trick. Third, try reaching out to the another person in the organization asking to be put in touch with the person because they left a  message and you are trying to reach them. Finally, when all else fails leave one last message ” I have left several messages and emails for you but have not received a response. If  I don’t hear from you by _____ , I will close our file.”  If the original request “contact me”  had potential you will receive a call back. If not you just saved yourself some time and can move on to more productive activities.

Huebsch Introduces eBoost

By: JJones, 7/25/12

July saw Huebsch introduce their new line of Galaxy 400 & 600 Washer-Extractors with eBoost on both their Vended and OPL ‘HC’ machinery. eBoost is Huebsch’s revolutionary extraction technology boasting high efficiency in the following ways: 33% less electrical and 11& less water than two speed models – Made possible by an advance inverter drive …

Speed Queen Introduces The New 2012 Hardmount Washer-Extractor Line

By: JJones, 7/25/12

Even after 100 years of building industry leading commercial laundry machinery Speed Queen is still dedicated to providing durable, energy efficient and cutting edge machinery. This month Speed Queen has introduced their totally redesigned Line of Vended and OPL washer-extractors. Below you will find a list of the brand new features. Everyone at Yankee is …

Alliance Laundry Service Bulletin No. SE12-1R1

By: JJones, 7/19/12

On occasion Alliance Laundry Systems will send us useful Service Bulletins about machinery maintenance and procedures. In the effort to to provide this important information to our valued customers we will be posting these bulletins as we recieve them. The newest bulletin is #SE12-1R1 and covers the proper cleaning technique for Tumbler Baskets. Click on …

Are you still interested ?

By: TRistaino, 7/16/12

A new restaurant opens in your town. The interior is modern and fresh. Lighting, flooring, linen, glassware all fresh and clean and modern. The wait staff is friendly and enthusiastic. The menu is exciting. You try it out and have a great dining experience. Now fast forward 15 years to the same location. The interior …