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Genuine Speedqueen Parts

By: TRistaino, 5/29/12

Yankee sells genuine Speedqueen parts for your washers and dryers. What does that mean and why does that matter? “Genuine Speedqueen parts”  means that the replacement parts you purchase are guaranteed to be the correct part for your machine. They are the parts designed and authorized to be used in your specific machine. They are tested by Speedqueen.They are warranteed by Speedqueen.  “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because reliability and dependability matter. “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because the success of your business matters and that success depends on your equipment running all the time. “Genuine Speedqueen parts” matters because your peace of mind matters. At Yankee being Real means being Genuine. More than anything else that is why we sell “Genuine Speedqueen parts.”


By: TRistaino, 5/22/12

Yankee represents products from many different manufacturers around the country like Pellerin Milnor, Speedqueen, Huebsch, American Dryer Corp, Chicago Dryer, Hamilton Engineering, Standard Changemakers, Natco, ESD, Rowe, CCI, Cleaver Brooks, American Changer, Columbia Boiler, Speedcheck, Unipress, R&B wire, Steele Canvas Basket. Despite the different industries these companies serve and the different states in which they …

New England Coin Laundry Association Updates

By: JJones, 5/18/12

CLA has launched a new website that features their benefits in a way you’ve never seen before! Learn how to access those benefits, obtain a free website for your laundromat and attend future educational webinars on topics such as marketing, membership, store operations, store management, equipment, stain removal and much more. CLA’s New Website and …

Alliance 10 Year Bearing Warranty

By: PLimoncelli, 5/17/12

Just Back from the factory and the new 10 year warranty is really a great extra when you buy a SpeedQueen or Huebsch washer extractor. They also announced that customers who bought back as far back as May 15, 2007 will also get the warranty backdated. This really shows Alliance’s commitment  to the customers….

Is a card payment system right for you?

By: JJones, 5/15/12

Right now Card Payment Systems for Laundromats is a very hot topic. So much so we dedicated our entire St. Patrick’s Day Trade Show to them. There are many options out there right now. From Debit/Credit Card Readers directly mounted to a machine (allowing the customer an option between using their own debit/credit card and …

Time to Raise Revenue –Persist!!

By: TRistaino, 5/11/12

Over the past four years much attention and effort has been placed on cutting all sorts of costs in all segments of our industry. Labor, utilities, rents, mortgages,capex have all been under the microscope since the Autumn of 2008. The carving knife has been applied to all  of these costs. What have we done for …

Do higher extract washers make sense in my laundromat?

By: TRistaino, 5/07/12

The answer to that question is ” It depends”. The theory behind high extraction in the commercial laundry business is that it is cheaper to remove water in a washer than it is in a dryer. The lower the moisture content of the goods leaving the washer the faster they will dry in the dryer. Faster …

Gearing Up For Your Peak Season

By: JJones, 5/01/12

Murhpy’s Law tells us, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. However, we do not have to accept this as an ultimate consequence. There are steps we can all take to prevent the worst from happening at the worst possible time. You depend on your laundry equipment to be operating effectively all season long. …